Ask the Chief

Why don't you guys have a ladder truck?

The building heights in Wales and Genesee are less than 3 stories, such that a ladder truck is not necessary. At the cost of close to $1 million for each ladder truck, plus the cost of upkeep and certification for the operators, we believe that the use of ground ladders (like your extension ladder at home) is suitable for our response area. Through the Mutual Aid System, we do have access to ladder trucks from other departments (Town and City of Waukesha, Dousman, Lake Country Fire Department), so essentially, we do have a ladder truck available if we need it.

Do you provide any sort of training to the public?

We currently offer a variety of trainings to all different age groups. The covered topics are usually customized for the group and their specific needs (i.e. topics to achieve a specific scout badge). We also offer AED and CPR training and certificates through the American Heart Association. Except for the AED and CPR courses, trainings and tours are free to community. Please contact the department with any questions and or to schedule a training or tour.

If I joined today, how soon can I go on an emergency call?

Once a new member joins and is placed on a duty crew, they can begin to respond to the station for calls right away. The member will be allowed on an apparatus, provided that there is room, but will not be able to participate in either patient care or firefighting until they are state certified. The first level of firefighting certification takes one semester of schooling, while the Basic Level of EMT takes 2 semesters.